Friday, September 12, 2008

Knitty Fall 2008 Issue

Ah, the new Knitty is up.

Twist and Shout - - - I like this. I would probably make it a little big, just so it closed more in the front than it does on some of the pictures. Looks nice and comfy though.

Camden - - - I normally hate bobbles, but I think it looks good on this because it has a nice structured placement. Not really for the detachable sleeves, but I think it looks good both with long sleeves and the short sleeves.

Hermia - - - I do not think this is very flattering. I understand it is a conversion from her child version, however, the lace would have looked better higher up and not centered around the hips to draw so much attention. I see this look only flattering a very small amount of people.

Retrofit - - - How many ways can I say I love this? I really do. I love the structured look to it. It fits the model perfectly. I really do love this. I would have to include some waist shaping to make it into a girl version, but so totally love it.

Mangyle - - - I think it looks nice, but there really isn't anything too special I haven't seen somewhere else. Unfortunately, things like vest, scarves, gloves, and even socks to a point really have to have something special about them, otherwise they just look like all the others.

Abrazo - - - Sorry, but same theory as Mangyle, nice, but nothing special.

Versatility - - - I think this is a wonderfully unique design. However, I seeing it logically working on very few body types and sizes, especially since it is "one size fits all type garment".

Anne Shirley - - - Eh, okay. I think the stitch design looks nice, but I think the two colors together may take away from that.

Kinetic - - - I really like the stitch pattern, but not in that. I was hoping for something more when I saw the designers name.

Slither - - - I think the theory is kind of nifty. Not really a fan of the buttons though.

Hug - - - Unfortunately, I think this one is rather scary. The baby's look in the very first picture says it all.

Waves of Grain - - - This is pretty. I really like the stitch and I think the beads look very nice on it. Which is a rarity because I rarely like beads in knitted items.

Hourglass - - - I think they look pretty neat. I like the little lace between the curves. I think the variegated one actually looks better than the lime green.

Garden Gate - - - Oh, how I love these. I love the color work, I love how long they are. Simply adore these. I most definitely will have to make myself a pair of these in the future!

Interlocking Leaves - - - These are okay, however, I think just one set of leaves, instead of the interlocking ones, would have looked better. They look so busy with both sets.

Baroque - - - Very nifty. I really like the criss-cross pattern of these. This is structured chaos.

Sidewinder - - - Lovely! I really love the look of this. It has such a structured and tailored look to it. Absolutely lovely!

Morgan - - - I think this looks like a lovely pattern. Looks very professional and very well thought out. I am not really a hat person though, so I wouldn't make it for myself, but maybe someone else.

Oncleows - - - These leave me speechless and not it a good way. Pure confusion.

Abby - - - I think the color is beautiful. Everything else is okay, but nothing that jumps out at me and screams "I am special".

Tatiana - - - Creepy. I mean really, you just have to look for yourself.

Maple - - - I think this is very pretty. The bag itself is okay, but I adore the way the colors in the leaf felted. It's so beautiful.

L'illo - - - It's okay as far as kids items go. I think the ribbing in the front looks girly, not boyish.

Night Cap - - - I think the theory of it is adorable, I think it's a little unpractical in modern society though.

OpArt - - - I think this is so nifty. Love the illusion of the blankets design. So nifty that I might actually take the time to knit this in the future.

Well folks, that is all of my opinions on the new Knitty for now. Of course, check them out for yourself, as to each their own.

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