Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Finally after ripping these things out about six or seven times, I think I have got it down. My sister is quite a picky person in the she doesn't like showy items. She likes simplicity, which makes it harder for me cause I want to do all these things. So after a few(scratch that, many) attempts, I think I have a design that she will like. They are not very far yet, but I am working on it.

This is the front. On the needle to the right is the top of the hand and the left needle is holding the thumb gusset.

This is the back, just plain stockinette stitch.

The bottom is a k3p2 ribbing which moves into cables on the front. The two on the sides are 6stitch cables the cross in the direction of going towards the thumb. The middle cable is three stitch and also crosses toward the thumb. The three stitch cable has one stitch cross over every three rows, while the six stitch cable has three cross over every six rows. I think she will like them. Once I reach the fingers the cables with untwist and be the fingers.

This is an interesting project because this is not only the first set of Gloves I have made, but I am making my own pattern as I go along, completely. My sister sent me her measurements and that is the only thing I have to go off of. (Hopefully she measured well! *smile*)

I really love the process of making it completely from my head. Doing the math, looking up techniques. . . hopefully one day I will actually design patterns for other people to use.

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