Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Interweave Knits

Interweave Knits - Fall 2008

It came in the mail a few days ago, but haven't gotten around to blogging about it.

Online pics of garments can be seen here.

First, love the article about the Cowichan Sweaters.

Mosaic Yoke Jacket(not pictured) - I like it kind of. I think there might be too much color though.

Windowpane Coat - I like this as maybe one of those comfy sweaters that you would wear all the time. I don't like the split up the back.

Dumpling Bags - I think these are kind of cute, but more like a little kids thing. I think this is mostly because I am not really a purse person.

Tweedy Waistcoat - I don't really like this. I don't like the zig zag stuff in front and in all honesty it make the model look wider so I can only imagine how large it would make me look.

Bacchus Socks - I think these are quite cute, but I would wonder how those bobbles would feel in shoes.

Knotty or Knice Socks - These are okay, rather simple looking. Remind me of honey comb cereal.

Fresco Fair Isle Mitts - I think these are nice. I wouldn't wear them though. I prefer something with at least a little bit of fingers.

Zigzag Beanie - Not much of a fan of this. The zigzags aren't very defined and the hat looks simplistic otherwise.

Braided Pullover - I really love this. I like how the cable comes down at a slant and it looks super comfy. I would probably do the shoulders differently, because I don't like how the seam hangs down past her shoulders, maybe raglan instead.

Afterthought Darts Cardigan - Honestly, I really dislike the darts in this. I also don't like the fact that it is knit at such a loose gauge.

Sidelines Top - I LOVE this top. I am definitely going to make this when I can buy yarn again. I love the lines of it and this is something that looks good on a larger woman. LOVE IT!

Far Afield Vest - I like the look of this, oddly enough I like the dart type channels here much better that in the Afterthought Darts Cardigan. I think this would make a warm jacket type and would even be nice with sleeves.

Little Blue Sweater - I don't like the sleeves on this. I think it would look much better as a vest or a tank. The sleeves might look more appropriate if they were MUCH longer, but it just doesn't look right.

Estes Vest - I really like this. I would make it a little longer though, maybe 2-3 inches. I like the whole look of this, even the wooden buttons.

New Pea Coat - I really love this. I like the texture of the basket weave type stitch and it looks so warm. I like the collar too.

Neapolitan Cardigan - I like the look of this cardigan open. I don't like the safety pin closure they use. If I was to make this, I would make a belt type closure or intend it to be an open sweater.

Whisper Stripe Pullover - I actually think this would look good with the right clothing together. If it really is intended to be worn baggy as the model has it, then I don't like the fit. I don't think it should be snug, but I don't think it looks good hanging off her - it just makes it look a little trashy.

Backstage Tweed - With this I agree with comments over on Knitting Daily, the closures seem all wrong for this coat. Even on a slender model the gaps makes the model look larger. I think with a zipper this would be so much nicer. Otherwise I like the lines of the jacket and think it looks rather comfortable.

Biased Eyelets Stole - I think this is a simple and nice design, but not something I'd wear as I view this as a girly type garment and not something that is necessarily going to keep you warm.

Abigail Tee - Oddly enough, I kind of like this. I wouldn't do it in those colors, but I do like it.

Oddly enough, some times the adds are the more inspiring pieces of knitwear. On page 73, the green entrelac sweater looks gorgeous.

Well, that's all for Interweave Knits. Overall, worth the money because there are definitely a couple items I will do my best to make.

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