Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, I think the boyfriend could tell that art camp and work were tiring me out quite a bit, because he bought me the new Knitscene magazine and the new Simply Knitting magazine. Like I have said before, definitely a keeper.

So, opinions (as said before, remember these are just my opinions and I have many of them. And as always, links will always open in a new window)


Opulent Raglan - I think this looks nice. I like the square neck, but would probably move it up a little as that might be a little too low for me. I like the pattern and love the length of the sleeves. It looks dressy but comfy.

Ahlstrom Bodice - Definitely not a fan of this. The neck line is good, but that is pretty much all that I care for.

Michaelmas Mitts - I think these are cute, a little too girly for me and I would snag one of the many buttons way too many times. If I made them I would make them a little more snug in the palm area, I think it makes them look a little dumpy to be so baggy there.

Bordeaux Jacket - I think this is cute. Absolutely love the stitch used and think this would look good as a full length sweater. This short of a length makes chubby chicks only look chubbier, so definitely longer. I think this is something that I would highly consider making.

Riding to Avalon - I like this one, but again . . . too many buttons. I would have to alter all the buttons on the sleeves and I might leave the buttons on the collar there. The hood I would make deeper, on the model it really only looks like a hood for show and not a functional hood.

Lady's Duet - Not into the whole slouchy hat thing and the scarf pattern is okay, but eh.

Camelot Sweater - I can't figure out completely whether or not I actually like this sweater. I think this sweater would only look good on slimmer people. I like the look of the lace panels, but the design just seems to be off some how.

Reticella Vest - I actually think this is quite cute and would consider making it for myself. I love the geometric lines in it.

Abbess Pullover - This one reminds me a lot of the 80's. I think it looks like a sweater that was meant to be worn more around the house or lounging. It might be the shoulders that make it look like a girl wearing a guys sweater.

Burnished Tunic - I really like this one, or at least the main part of it. The neck is a little weird, I think I would rather have it straight across in the front, rather than that little dip. I am not really a fan of the bell sleeves on this. Otherwise, I love the texture.

Twisted Bridges - The hat is kind of interesting to me. Not a huge fan of scarf patterns as I think they aren't anything special.

Pleated Denim Purse(not shown on the online page) - It's okay, looks more like a kids purse. Plus, not really a purse person. However, made larger, it might make a nice bag.

Nubby Cardigan - I like this one. It just looks so darn comfortable. I would probably not make one as snug as hers, but a little more room. Love the pattern and the collar.

Big Thaw Pullover - I think this is a nice men's sweater. I like its simplicity and clean look. I would consider making this for the boyfriend.

Snowflake Jumper - Honestly, I think this looks tacky. It looks like something a kid should be wearing and they even have the model dressed up like she is five years old. It might look a little better if it was in such a super chunky yarn. No thanks.

Obverse Jacket - I think the jacket is simple and nice. I would not use the belt and would make the sleeves straight down and not ribbed at the cuffs like that. I like its diagonal look.

Double Cap - it looks like a cats head, maybe if you were five and wore pigtails so you needed the extra room.

Wednesday Hat - No.

Big Ivy Scarf - I do like the patterns used in this one.

Nederland Vest - I like this. Simple lines with a nice pattern around it. I would wear this, in fact I am sure one of these will be made in the future.

Dirndl Raglan - I like this sweater. I like the neck line. I like the raglan look and I even like the lace pattern. I would choose different colors though.

Kodiak Bag - again, looks like a little kids item.

Spontaneity Vest - I like the color work on here, but not the free-form embroidery. I am a fan of vests though!

Kaftan Dress - I like the look of this, but not something I would ever wear. I like the stitch used on the sleeves. Not a fan of the inverted V under the breasts.

Brocade Leaves Pullover - I don't understand exactly why, but I really like this sweater. Maybe it's because the leaves remind me of cables. I would definitely wear this.

Matryoshka Stole - I like the look of this in it looks warm, but I wouldn't knit something like this. At this time I have no interest in knitting with beads and I myself wouldn't actually wear it.

Inari Skirt - I have to admit, this does look comfy. I don't get the red and green Christmas look, but whatever. If I thought I could pull it off, I might wear it.

Kimono Socks - I think these are adorable. Simplistic, but so creative.

Red Rings Pullover - I like the top stitch, but not a fan of the rings. I don't think they would look good on me. They don't look like a slimming pattern.

Himalayan Vest - I think this is cute and would be fun to make. I think I would wear it too. I have to mention I might be more drawn to it since the magazine one is in orange!

Canopy Cardigan - I am not a fan of the neck line. I don't like it when things always feel like the are slipping off my shoulders, whether they are or not. It's not bad, just not for me.

That's all for that magazine!

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