Saturday, August 2, 2008

Garden update

Well, I have to say, I went out in the garden today with the intentions of ripping up the cucumbers and tomato plants. Both have had numerous blooms and had no veggies! I know the weather here has been hot and maybe too hot for them and they are on a balcony, not in a real yard. It's not like I was too disappointed, I knew this was a chance . . . and I had just resigned to the fact that it hadn't worked for these plants this year. However, when I went to look at the cucumber plants, this is what I found!

Did you see that, my very first cucumber. I have to say, this really made my day! This little cucumber has restored my faith and even the tomato plants are going to get another chance because of this. It's so perfect!

Let me update you on some of the other plants that have continually put out. *smile*

The beautiful Cilantro/Coriander.

More strawberries, I ate another one yesterday!

Chamomile, it's having some difficulties after being transplanted, but it is putting out little blooms.

Also, my cherry tomato pepper plant has two more little growing peppers and my sweet peppers that I started from seeds now have some blooms on them.

I had even given up on my bean plants which stopped producing flowers, so I cut them back to almost nothing and now they are blooming like crazy!

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