Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slow Moving

Again, it bears repeating . . . do not let me do another mosaic project unless it doesn't have to be done until I am seventy years old. I am still working on my mother's mosaic journal. Yes, I realize that initially I was suppose to bring it to her on my visit back in the beginning of June, but I just couldn't get it finished in time. So, I am still working on it now that Art Camp is over. Here is my meager progress.

I still need to finish the mosaic part, put the green trim over the binding and potentially fill in the cracks with something either see through or black. Yikes, I know . . . it takes me too long because I want it to look just right. Yes, yes, I realize I am a bit of a perfectionist or ocd, whichever you want to consider it.

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