Sunday, August 31, 2008

My crazy life

Well, this week was the first week of school and lets just say it wasn't the great start I was hoping for, don't worry, there is good news too, but first the negative so we can move past it and focus on the happier parts.

~worrying health concerns of my boyfriend
~art portfolio full of about 60-70 dollars of art supplies was stolen on second day of school
~donated blood on Tuesday at school and she missed my vein so instead of taking the needle out and trying again, she just wriggled the needle around until she hit the vein (OUCH!), which left a nice bruise on the inside of my elbow and it's still a little tender.
~General havoc of having to spend so much on supplies and books
~Work and work study = 35 hours more of my time

~I am still mostly sane
~There is a good chance baby Gerrin will come home in the not too distant future.
~the boyfriend was kind enough to replace the materials which were stolen and some plus! He's such a good man . . .
~I am now engaged!

Lovely, huh? I already have most of it figured out. We are going to get married at a park about an hour and a half away from our apartment. It will be very small wedding, less than 20 people. Casual, with only me and him dressing up. My sister is going to make a lovely cake for my wedding with tiers and everything (she's incredibly good at making wedding cakes)! I am going to make my own wedding dress. First I intend on starting with knitting my own wedding veil. I think I am going to use a silk blend. I am going to sew my own dress. The dress itself will be white, sleeveless, and have a medieval feel to it. It will most likely have two think layers, a nice cotton or something against my skin and then something a bit prettier on the outside. I am going to make an orange corset to go over it. I intend on knitting my own garter and making some type of slipper-ish type item for me to wear under my dress.

We will most likely have the reception at our apartment in the back yard. I see no point in renting some place for 20 or less people. Nope, our back yard is big enough and my mom, myself, and my sister will make the food.

I have already started to sketch out my wedding invitations.

I am sure some people think it's just silly for me to want to do all of this myself, but this is my wedding and I can do these things. I am going to start on the veil first because my fiance (ha ha, so nifty) are still trying to do healthier things with our lives and I don't want to make a dress that won't even fit me when the time comes. I have always had a big head, so that won't change. Plus, I'd like it to be really nice. So my goal for now is to have the pattern for the veil decided by the end of the week and by the end of next week have the yarn ordered.

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