Saturday, August 2, 2008

Simply Knitting

Simply Knitting
(Couldn't find any pictures on their page of the projects.) This is a magazine I would like to have a subscription to, but it's more expensive, so I have to wait for the money.

Sweet Jasmine - I think the idea is nice, but it looks a little too big on the model. I am not too much for actually patterns across the breasts either. I like the stitch on the bottom(an eyelet cable).

Pretty Petals - a little girls sweater. It is cute, but I know no one that little.

Tooth Trader - a tooth fairy doll. It is a cute doll and I like the face on it. i would be tempted to make it for my niece.

Golden Honey - I like this. I even like the polo shirt type collar on it. I love the basket weave look stitch. I would definitely make this.

Lovely Lace - This is very beautiful, but I would wear a shawl cover. This also looks more like for show that warmth since it is so sheer. Maybe it would be appropriate for some one's wedding or prom.

Felted DS Case - They look cute, but I am not into make cozies for my electronics, not do I own a DS.

Heel Heaven - The patterned heel on these look adorable, but I wonder how comfortable they would actually be.

Cool and Curly - I would actually make a curtain like this, if I had my own home. I like the hippy, yet delicate look to it.

That's all. I enjoy writing my opinions here because I look more closely at each pattern.

I enjoyed our time together today. No real knitting to speak of. I have started Christmas gifts . . . which will be gloves for all. I have started one pair after several attempts to find the perfect look. I love knitting for others, but frustrating and like a puzzle to find the pattern or stitch you think they will really like.

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