Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beef and Asparagus Rollatini

I love the whole idea of rollatini inspired foods.

Even the husband loved this. It is a simple thin piece of flank steak that I cooked mostly through in a frying pan. Then mixed a small amount of cream cheese and barbeque sauce (trust me that you need very little of this combo, it looks like I used a lot and even that was very little). Then I fried up some asparagus spears. I spread a thin amount of the cream cheese mixture on the beef, and laid out the asparagus on 1/3 of the beef, starting at the end with the asparagus, I rolled it up and then seared the roll in a hot frying pan.



Seems simple but was delicious. Considering trying it with Coconut Cream instead of cream cheese next time to make it more Paleo, we shall see how it works!