Thursday, January 3, 2013

German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

So I mentioned these German Chocolate Cake Sandwich Cookies on a recent Sunday Inspirations and had to make them for my husband.

Everyone who tried these loved these, I took some to work since this ended up making like 24 sandwich cookies. Some said the cookies alone would be worth it.



I did not change the recipe at all and will most likely make them again in the future for my husband, they are quite labor intensive though.


  1. Labor intensive is a bit of a turn-off for me, but I do love GCC...

  2. Glad you liked them, always nice when an experiment works out. So we tried jerky with ground meat and weren't huge fans, thinking will stick with the slices of whole meat. I was really hoping to like it because we have a ton of ground beef but we think it was just a tad to oily. I know we could take care of that by grinding our own but I really just wanted to use up fur current stock.

  3. Oh now /those/ look good. Looks like the labor was probably worth it!

  4. Oh wow! Now I've got to go run 5 miles...just by looking at them!!! Yum!!