Friday, January 4, 2013

Bobba Hats

I am trying to knit things that I find interesting, whether or not they have a recipient in mind for 2013 and I tried to start that I little early so Christmas weekend I knitted two hats with the same pattern but very different outcomes.

The first hat:
Yarn: Rozetti Always Dreams
Color: Light Purple
Content: 75% Acrylic / 25% Wool

Yarn: Stitch Nation - Alpaca Love
Color: Dusk
Content: 80% Wool / 20% Alpaca

Needles: US 6

Pattern: Bobba Hat


This one I did the little ball at the top.  If I was to knit it over again as a snug hat, I would knit a size smaller, but make it about an inch or so longer as I like hats to cover my ears completely. 

I like it a lot more than I thought I would.  I thought at first it looked a little silly, but I ended up really liking the rolled brim.

The second hat:
Yarn: Stitch Nation - Bamboo Ewe
Color: Twilight
Content: 55% Bamboo / 45% Wool

Yarn: Handspun Alpaca that was gifted to me by someone I worked with last year
Color: 1 ply is brown, 2nd ply is white, pink, and blue
Content: 100% Alpaca

Needles: US 6

Pattern: same as above, Bobba Hat


This one is super warm due to the Alpaca and I love it!


I have the whole PDF Booklet that this pattern is part of and plan on knitting more of the patterns out of this hat book.


  1. Nice hats! Are you still biking?

  2. I like those. I think I prefer the one without the bobble at the top, but that's not a surprise, considering that it's me. Yay for knitting things you're interested in!

  3. These turned out so different! Really like the pattern!