Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Inspirations

Recipe Inspirations:

Not only do I love soups, but I really love chowders. This Chicken Chowder sounds so satisfying . . . isn't that something we all look for in food?

On a similar vein, this basic recipe for Cream of Something base it nice for people like me who like to experiment, but don't always know where to start.

I know we all remember pizza rolls . . . but Homemade and Gluten-free Pizza Bites? Ah, this has so many possibilities.

Again, on a similar vein, this recipe for Wonton Wrappers has many applications . . . cream cheese, crab, and asparagus . . . hmm.

I am very into spinach right now, so this Spinach and Feta Soup sounds yummy, although I am not so keen on figure out what that means in cups, etc. This was mentioned on the Yarnivore Podcast.

As an adult I am finding there are plenty of things that either I didn't like as a child or didn't like how it was made at a certain place/brand, etc. and now as an adult I am interested in try things in new ways, so this Easy to Make Sauerkraut has me interested in retrying sauerkraut.

What could be better than Cinnamon Rolls? Maybe Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies!!!!!


  1. Wonder if Cream of Something could inspire me to deviate from the recipe? I'm not much for substitutions, unless it's "nuts optional" or I do something crazy like use walnuts when it calls for pecans.

  2. chicken stock 4.2 cups, milk and water each 2.1 cups, flour 4 tablespoons, celery one teaspoon. from Rhoni