Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

Knitting Inspiration:

I knitted my nephew, Liam, a sweater vest in intarsia . . . boy was that harder than I expected, but I am also thinking about knitting him this Pacific Boy Vest also.

Recipe Inspirations:

So, I love the theory of recipes like this Italian Stuffed Cabbage . . . except without the bread and I was wondering if anyone had ever tried something similar but in a white sauce? My tummy isn't doing so well with lots of tomatoes.

These Baked Brownies just sound so yummy . . . maybe I'll get around to making gluten-free ones.

Or maybe these Deep Dish Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes?

Or maybe these Coconut Oil Chocolate Treats?

Who thinks I am craving a little chocolate? Cause this Flourless Chocolate Cake sounds tempting too.

A simple soup, like thisAsian Spiced Mushroom Soup sound tasty, minus the diakon . . . ugh, taste too much like carrots, not a fan.

Maybe craving Asian food too? Or maybe just something sweet and then something salty? Like this Chinese Egg Drop Soup.


  1. For the stuffed cabbage: you can leave out the bread easy. When you have the cabbage rolls secured, you brown them in the pan on both sides, and then pour soup stock over it, and finish them in the oven.

    I can't have too much tomato sauce either! It gives me heart burn, as well as the seasoning "Paprika" which I've used often in the past, but for some reason can't eat it anymore.

  2. Have u ever done a cabbage roll, I tried once but I failed.

  3. The vest is very cute. (But definitely go down a needle size in the ribbing!) Chocolate sounds really good right about now. Maybe I need to go make a cake tonight. Hmm...