Monday, April 1, 2013

33 in 33

Ah, March . . . a bit better than February, but still too much of a let down if we are going to be honest with ourselves.  Although, April looks to be a much better month.

Husband and I have decided to cut back some of the stress of saving for a house, we are going to push it forward a couple years and instead look into moving into an apartment in the suburbs.  Depending on how the next couple weeks go, work-wise, we also may start trying to have kids towards the end of this year.  Lots of positive decisions being made lately, just have to take some time to see if the universe agrees with our plans.  :)

So on the first of each month, I wanted to revisit my 33 in 33 things to see what, if any progress I was making. Not only to keep myself accountable, but also to kind of pat myself on the back . . . both I think are needed for me to succeed.

So here is my list of things to try/work on/accomplish in no specific order:

1. Spin a sweaters worth of yarn. - I purchased 12oz so far of a lovely roving that I would love to spin and knit into a sweater for myself. - No progress on this, I am still working on the roving that is currently on my wheel.

2. Start knitting a sweater with hand-spun yarn. - See #1.

3. Take 30 minutes a day to either exercise/meditate. - Nothing, what so ever.
4. Attend the church next door at least twice. - I am missing lately the feeling of community and the church is a Unitarian Church, so they accept people of any belief, so I want to go and see if it's somewhere I might feel like I belong. - Not yet, but oddly enough I had a dream last night that I went to church . . . so maybe I will try this in April.

5. Have an allowance, no more that $50 per month, while saving for a house. - Made some splurges, but still consider it good.

6. Try making my own triangle shawl design. - I am finding that this winter season I am really preferring shawls over scarves due to bulk issues. - I haven't made much progress on this since January.

7. Design a sweater for Eleanor based on the Bobba Hat. - Oh, am almost done with this sweater, decided to go a different route with the design theory . . . in fact I have a second one on the needles also!

8. Knit a sweater/top for Justice. - thinking about a cabled smooshy sweater - have not started yet, but have had some ideas

9. Knit a sweater/top for Vera. - thinking about a lovely summery top - Finished.

10. Knit a sweater/top for Liam. - vest or dressy/nerdy looking sweater for a classy little young man - have started an intarsia argyle vest for him - didn't make any progress on this in February.

11. Sew Rhoni and Eleanor's birthday gifts. - special request from Rhoni, have I mentioned how much I love requests. - Finished.

12. Sew Echo, Justice, and Vera a version of these also for a Mother's Day gift for Echo. - haven't started these, still plenty of time - thinking about getting the materials this coming weekend.

13. Sew myself a version of this also, as I think it would be nifty. - not started yet.

14 - 17. Knit double-knit Seahawks/Mariners cowls for Echo, Justice, Vera, and Rhoni. - I won't be starting this till about Spring or Summer

18. Knit Eleanor some nifty socks. - I have cast on for these and they will be some bus knitting

19. Knit Jacob's socks by Valentine's Day. - Finished..

20. Fix loom so I can actually use it. - Still at its 80% fixed from January.

21. I want 2013 to be the Year of Swatching for me. - I would like to knit more swatches just for the sake of swatching to create ideas, to try new stitch designs, etc. - this hasn't made any progress

22. Take the time to eat healthy. - I haven't been doing so well this end of the year and have gained some of my weight back and in general felt blah. - I am doing Whole 30/Paleo April, which basically means as close to Whole 30 as I can manage without stressing myself out too much

23. Try more variety for Wookie's homemade food and make batches big enough to freeze. - We have gone to homemade food supplemented with some kibble. - this is going well and Wookie is eating much healthier and seems to be feeling better

24. Knit Dark and Stormy sweater along with Knitting Samurai Plus 1 Group. - Another attempt to bring myself into more "community" type activities. Plus it just looks like a nifty sweater. - Frogged, didn't like knitting the sweater or how it was turning out.

25. Try more experimenting in cooking, especially Paleo cooking and Gluten-Free baking. - This will be much better in April.

26. Try dyeing the cotton/linen yarn I have so that I will actually use it. - haven't tried this, probably won't happen until Summer when it is warmer for drying purposes

27. Knit John a pair of Birthday Socks in the Alda Road Socks pattern with the Stellar colorway from Apothecary Yarns. - I have started these, I am doing the toes, heels, and cuffs a different color to make sure I have enough. I love how they are turning out, but I decided to do plan stockinette.

28. This summer try taking Wookie out with the bicycle. - I purchased last summer one of the kids buggies that go behind the bike for him, so I could ride my bike to the dog park with him, but never did it this year. - Summer time

29. Buy one of the Petite Turkish Spindles from Riley Wood and Fiber Art. - Love the look of his Petite Spindles and I don't have to have it Internationally Shipped! - not yet

30. Finish Eleanor's Blanket that I started before she was born. - Yes, it has sat 80% finished for the last almost 2 years. - have not restarted this yet

31. Finish Vera's Blanket that I started before she was born. - Yes, I started it 4 years ago . . . I would like to finish it, it's about 70% complete. I have a harder time finishing things when they are no longer travel size! - Will get back to this soon.

32. Accept that knitting or crafting does not always have to have a recipient, sometimes it's just nice to make something. - I did do some test-knits this month . . . which worked towards this theory, but have been pretty psyched about other projects.

33. Experiment with life more.- Eating out less give the husband and I more time to spend together, which is nice.  I purchased Jillian Micheal's Body Revolution and started it on the 31st.  I love Jillian's style.


  1. Sounds like good progress, and lots of big things to hope for. Never hurts to take a little of the pressure off, either.