Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Inspirations

Crafty Inspirations:

I like the idea of these Shadow Wraps as a way of doing short rows in knitting.

Paleo Recipe Inspirations:

These Dark Chocolate Cups have many uses!

Making paleo is more about making simple and variety is more about seasoning, which I like because it's making me learn more about cooking, this Smokey Aioli sounds like it would be a nice addition to most any meat dish.

How to Boil Eggs is worth a try.

Another recipe for Homemade Mayo this one includes a video though.

Gluten Free Recipe Inspirations:

Ah this Chocolate Chocolate Blackout Cake looks so sinfully delicious.

Ah, pudding, definitely a comfort food and weakness. This Layered PB and Chocolate Puddings sound quite yummy!

Recipe Inspirations:

This recipe is for regular Spanish Rice, I just want to use the base of the recipe to try Spanish Cauliflower.


  1. Interesting short rows method...

  2. I have yet to try cauli rice again.... - your sister