Monday, January 19, 2015

Dyeing Punis

I started learning to spin cotton, but the punis that I purchased are white and I love spinning color. So I tried to dye some of the punis with dyes for cotton. I soaked the punis and then painted them with colors.

Here you can see the ones that I painted.
 photo 20141120_154434_zpsadify8e2.jpg

However, when started to spin it, the dye was only surface level. It didn't soak further into the puni.
 photo 20150106_224330_zpsvkfm4co0.jpg

Here you can see it clearer, how the inside is still very much white.
 photo 20150106_224408_zps1vbs9nkq.jpg

Here you can see, kind of, how the single is barber poled.
 photo 142c939f-bd87-4aeb-b394-4efe7e945860_zps636d0c25.jpg

I am next going to try immersing the punis in color to see if I can dye them through or at least more than surface level. I just need to get some more cotton dyes.

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  1. That's too bad! If they're tightly wound, though, it would be hard for the dye to penetrate. Would it be possible to immerse them in dye and squeeze/work it in? At least with cotton you don't have to worry about felting!