Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Knitted Doll Clothes

For Christmas we got my nieces, Eleanor and Vera, 14" baby dolls. I knitted up some doll clothes to go along with their dolls and will be making more in the future for them.

These were their little packages.
 photo 20141226_124121_zpsgojaxoh1.jpg

A close-up of the green socks.  I do adore making these!
 photo 20141104_174505_zpsvpjxadi_edit_1415141772604_zpsicixjgts.jpg

The little hats were frustrating, I had to remake them 4 times. The dolls have so much hair that they hats needed to be so much bigger than the heads.
 photo 20141127_222207_zpsl2lklueo.jpg

This is the first sweater I made and I am still working on getting the measurements and structure to the sweaters down.
 photo IMG_20141031_002932_zpsf7gg22sl.jpg

This sweater vest was so much easier since it didn't involve sleeves! :)
 photo 20141103_145554_zpsg3tjnk6p.jpg

This sweater hasn't been sent out yet.  I love the way this turned out.  I have yet to figure out what type of closures to put on it, if any.
 photo IMG_20141214_190643_zpsfk8nxrbr.jpg

I have definitely enjoyed knitting for the dolls, it is not only a challenge, but a little more immediately gratifying. I will be doing some more in the future. I plan on doing some sewing and crocheting of doll clothes too.

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