Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mini Batt - Part 3

This is the most recent one I did, working the other way where each strip torn off would be worked from dark to light or light to dark. So it is kind of a striping effect of light to dark to light to dark, etc.

I was kind of thinking ice . . . yes, I am tired of this winter! :)
 photo 20141225_152035_zpscnu7kuly.jpg

This is random wools in pink and a few different colors of purple.
 photo 20141225_152046_zpspkhl4uew.jpg

 photo 20141225_152218_zps11hpszv8.jpg

 photo 20141225_152242_zpsj2jskffq.jpg


  1. I do love how soft and fluffy batts are! They really just beg to be spun. The colors are beautiful in this one, too.

  2. Pretty! Maybe spinning is the zen I'm missing. Hmmm... my wheel is literally dusty.