Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dyeing Yarn

I have also been dyeing some yarn.

Here is a recent batch.
 photo IMG_20150103_233954_zpsffg23krj.jpg

This one is teal blue, pink, and yellow-green.  It is not self-striping but it spirals.
 photo 20150104_140324_zpsiiyzyrn5.jpg

 photo 20150104_140512_zps1facuns8.jpg

This one was an over convoluted experiment.
 photo 20150104_140441_zpsluxgvhjs.jpg

 photo 20150104_140423_zpsatp9j7c1.jpg

It started out as a long loop that I tied off in about 16 places and dyed each space separately.  It was way more difficult to dye than I expected, even though I like how it turned out, I would never do it again.
 photo IMG_20141121_182827_zpstjk7oh52.jpg

This one had almost no planning and it was my happy accident!
 photo 20150104_140350_zpsu1xpks84.jpg

It's mostly blues, but has pinks, greens, purples, etc in it.  Definitely one of my favorites.
 photo 20150104_140403_zpsdwdach2d.jpg

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  1. I love the colors (especially on that last one)! You'll get some great socks out of those. =)