Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dyeing and Trying

Well, the dyeing portion of this post is all about the Knit Picks lace weight 100% merino I dyed last night. I used Kool-aid Pink Lemonade and Lemon-lime to dye parts of the yarn and then overdyed it all with royal blue wiltons icing dye. It did exactly what I wanted it to, turning it to varying shades of teal, blue, and purple. Have a look . . .

I think it turned out beautifully and I am waiting for it to finish drying and then I will start on some chevron type socks for my sister Echo. Echo is also what I am calling the colorway since it was done all for her. I hope she ends up liking them. I will probably knit them with 0 us needles, but we shall see.

Okay, on to the trying. . . the trying is the first time I have tried to kind of do it myself in a pattern. This sweater I have been working on and off on. I wanted a sweater that was close fitting and had a plunging neckline to wear over t-shirts and tank tops, but couldn't really find a pattern for what I was looking for. So I altered a pattern I had. In Fitted Knits, the Cropped Cardigan by Stefanie Japel. I used the top of the pattern, right until you add additional stitches in the front the make the two sides meet. Instead I joined it there and am working along according to my measurements.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky
Colors: Mustard and Earthy Brown Tweed
Needles: 5mm or 8us

I wanted to make it more than one color to draw the eyes to the more flattering parts. This is my first time doing color work and I enjoyed it. It becomes very rhythmic. I haven't work on this in a couple of weeks though, due to new ideas and except for this week or so, it was really nice outside. I intend for the sleeves to have a similar pattern with orange down to about an inch above the elbow and then and inch or two of brown. I prefer elbow length sleeves, although I may regret that come winter time. We shall see. Overall, feeling quite good about the sweater though. I am quite an orange fan!

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