Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News and a WIP

Well, we got the wonderful news yesterday that my boyfriend is now an uncle of a little boy named Gerrin. Gerrin was 5lbs and 9oz. I can't wait to make some little boy things for him. I am of course much more excited than my boyfriend, but oh well, hopefully we will be able to get to Ohio sometime and see the new baby.

My socks that are for my mother are moving along slowly, mostly because I have another item I am working on for her which is a lot of planning and will take some time. I will take some pics so far of the swatch and give some ideas tomorrow.

The whole info on these:
Pattern: Ten Stitch Leafy Lace from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Needles: 1us or 2.25mm
Yarn: Sockotta (45% cotton, 40% superwash, 15% nylon)
Color: 816 - - or in my words "spring green"
Modifications: I turned it into a twelve stitch pattern so it could accomodate the size I needed.

I like the pattern and how it is working up, but in all honesty, I am not really a fan of the yarn so far. I think it is a little scratchy feeling and I don't know if I will use it again after this. It was originally chosen for it's color and I thought the yarn felt fine in the store, but working with it is a little different. I am holding most of my judgement on how the socks all knitted up feel though. We shall see.

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