Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spinning Adventures

Here are my two spinning wips. The first one is some different colors of roving I dyed and decided to use them together for a fire theme, but as I as it is being spun, it reminds me of picking salmon berries back in Washington State. This is similar to the colorway Pacific Northwest where I took some blues, greens, blacks, and purples I had dyed and spun them together with a bit of hand carding. Not going to amount to much yarn, but in all honesty . . . I just really like the spinning part.

Why is it that my spinning reminds me of home lately? Not sure, maybe just a little nostalgic.

* * * * *

This second one actually has a purpose in life and has been a wip for some time now. I have been very slowly working on it, mostly because I get caught up in new projects, school, or work. My goal is to finish this during the summer and have the gloves they are intended for to be made by the time winter rolls around. I call the colorway Falling Leaves.

I want to ply it with a Knit Picks 100% Merino wool in white or atleast that is my idea so for. Not sure because white will get dirty quickly and lets face it, I am not the cleanest person. So this is something to ponder on.

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