Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, I forgot to blog yesterday. I started my spinning for Tour de Fleece and was finishing up my mother's mosaic book and completely forgot about you guys, sorry.

So, here are the pictures I promised.

I made her little shorts, a tank top, and a belt.

Close up on the shorts and belt, I made one of those belts with the loops as I use to love the one I had when I was young. They are crocheted and made to be a little bell-bottom like.

The tank top is knitting and has a little lace detail at the top and closes with ties that tie behind the neck.

I think it is a cute outfit. I started on an orange raglan sweater, but that won't be finished in time. I just have to put on her eyes, which are already made, just not embroidered on and her lips.

Tomorrow is a long day and then we leave for Washington State very early Tuesday morning. I will be gone for four days, I will have pictures and lots to talk about when I return!

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