Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Realistic Goals

Well, two things are somewhat coming to an end. I will not be making my mother's shawl with the frog pattern I was trying to construct. I just cannot get it to look the vision in my head. It will take some more scribbling and swatching, which is just not something I am prepared at this time for. So I have chosen some stitch patterns out of a few books and I will work with that.

Also, the dress I began for Justice's doll, still didn't have enough orange to do that even using the white, so . . . back to the drawing board. Blah.

On a sad note, I am unsure as to whether or not I will finish baby Gerrin's blanket. Evidently, Gerrin's mom was not a good mom and when she gave birth they found cocaine in her system. The baby was taken by child services the next day and has been there since. My boyfriend's brother is going through the motions of trying to get custody of Gerrin, but he doesn't have the best track record. So who knows if it'll happen or when. It makes me sad. I would love to run to Ohio and rescue the baby. We shall see what happens. Part of me says that I should finish the blanket because my boyfriend's brother does get to see him a couple times a week and maybe he could take it to him, but I don't know. The whole situation really bothers me.

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  1. What a lovely garden. You certainly have a green thumb.