Monday, July 21, 2008

My how your garden grows

Well, the weather got really warm right as we left to Washington State and my garden grew like crazy while I was gone. There were a couple close calls with things because I didn't have anyone to come over and water them while I was gone, but all is good. Here are some progress pictures.
If the pictures look dirty, it is really some natural pesticide.

Unfortunately, this is the only bloom I actually got a picture of. The first two blooms happened when we were in Washington State and another three happened while I was busy last week at art camp. This was the last of those three. I was able to save my first bloom and dry it out though. It still smells lovely, even dried out.

Here is my Cilantro, it had all started to bloom by the time I came back so these will end up being used for coriander and not cilantro and maybe I will try another batch before summer is up for cilantro. Pretty blooms though.

My cucumber plants are growing like crazy. Not sure if they are enjoying the heat completely though, because none of their flowers have started to fruit yet.

I have two lovely jalapenos growing. I will probably pick them soon. Yum!

And here is my cherry pepper. It isn't red yet though, so I don't think it is ready to be picked, but I need to do some research about them and when to pick them.

Overall, I am completely jazzed that my garden is doing so well. What I didn't take picture of, but is worth noting. I have about 6 strawberry flowers starting to fruit and another 4 or so that are blooming. My cactus are growing wonderfully. And I have my first official bloom on my chamomile. All is good in this garden.

Oh yes, while transplanting some of them into larger containers the other day, I also found out that my garden is well loved by the moths in this area.

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