Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF Watermelon Socks

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette

Color: Wallaby & Fuchsia

Content: 100% Wool

Care: Wash by hand, lay flat

Needles: US 1

Pattern: My own creation.

Last week I had been trying to figure out how I want my gusset to go. So I went with what felt the most natural, when it needed more room, I started the gusset, when it didn’t need any more room I stopped. What does this mean for my sock? My gusset starts about mid-way through my arch and after it ends there are rows of plain stockinette before I will have my heel to make it the appropriate length. Does it look odd? A little compared to your typical sock, but it’s a nice fit and that is what is important for me.

I am using a mix of things that I learned doing the Mistletoe Socks and this tutorial by Becca of Forward Motion.



On a side note, the doctor's appointment went well. I am on some medicine to clear up a small infection. Blood work was done, as she is a little concerned that my blood sugar may be off. So some test will be done for Diabetes (which runs in my family) and Thyroid issues. Hopefully they will both come back clear. Everything else seems to be good so hopefully I will be exercising more soon.


  1. Look at you, making perfect-fit socks! That's awesome. Love the colors too.

    Glad the appointment went well. Hope the bloodwork comes back okay.

  2. Love the colors. Enjoy the custom-fit socks. =)

  3. These are so pretty! I love the color combo!