Saturday, June 25, 2011

Knitty First Fall 2011 Review

Knitty First Fall 2011 is up!


Creekbed - - I absolutely love the colors used in this. That’s cause I am a Fall kind of girl though. The scarf is a simply chevron with a play on colors and I love that Stephen West admits that. I’m not much of a scarf knitter, but I could definitely see making more of a short scarf/cowl.

Dunes - - I really like the movement in this shawl. The straight lines contrasting with the perpendicular waves are lovely. I also like that it is meant for handspun.

Rhodion - - I am quite drawn to this. I think the close resemblance to an actual floral design is well done. I’ll admit that it is more like a scarf construction so it is unlikely something I would have the patience to knit, however it is quite tempting to try.

Kuusk - - The geometric lace is lovely. Unfortunately it makes a very thin cowl with not much coverage and the lace is really hidden as a cowl.

Dragon Wing - - I find the construction and look of this so very intriguing, but less so when I read that it was two pieces connected. For me this is visually appealing, but not likely something I would knit.

Pretty Twisted - - I like the look of these little wrist warmers, but I am not a person who is likely to wear them. Although, it is slightly appealing if I knew how to hook the face of a watch onto one of these.

Darrin - - I like the general look of this layering garment. Not so much a fan of the belt look, but one doesn’t have to use the belt. I like the way the construction makes the outside of the arm detail, but I do not like how the construction creates all that fabric bunching under the arms. Unfortunately that is really the big downfall for me with this and I am not likely to knit it.

Leaflet - - A nice, simple top. I do like the detail down the spine though. Often all of the sweater detail is focused on the front and I like this attention to the back of the top.

Undercurrent - - A nice colorful hoodie. I know that part of the way all the colors work in this garment is due to it being knit in multiple pieces, but I am unlikely to knit something in pieces.

Date Night - - I like this, which somewhat surprises me. During Fall/Winter though, this would make a lovely layering piece with a tank underneath. I am not a fan of the multi-color version though. I really would like to make this, I will most likely make the sleeve ribbing a little longer by a couple of inches. Hmm, will have to consider what yarn I would like to use.

Kindling - - Unfortunately not a fan of this child’s sweater. I don’t like how the top half is purls out and the bottom half is knits out. It creates an awkward break. The cables abruptly ending with the purling makes the top half very detailed and the bottom half bare.

Chasing Snakes - - I like these. Just enough detail to not makes the sock too boring, but not over detailed. Mostly I appreciate the variety of sizes.

Gratitude - - Love the story that goes along with these socks, but I also like the pattern. I like the detailing of these socks. The whole design works well with the individual pieces of the design. Not sure if I’d be able to fit into what she considers and XL, but I would definitely knit these just for the process of it.

Lingerie - - A lovely pair of socks. I really like the way the design leads down into the foot pattern. Delicate and lovely! The back of the heel is done wonderfully. Definitely would like to knit these also.

Double Helix - - Interesting structure and working not top down, nor toe-up, but heel out. Another sock that I would love to try just for the process of making it. Pattern provides many pictures and definitely seems doable.

Inlay - - Definitely will be knitting these socks! Hopefully soon! LOVE the texture that is created in the inlay sections. A nice range of sizes are also available.

Bosnian Socks - - I love the colorwork in these socks. So much detail! Colorwork socks with a large of 9”, will most likely not fit me though. I have a strong dislike of the toe on these though.

Tortora - - Interesting look, kind of gives me a whole “outer – space” type feeling. Feels very alien. Might be a hat I would try, I like the beanie version more. However, I doubt an 18” unstretched would stretch to fit my head.

I Crocodile - - Unfortunately, I just figured out that I am not a fan of the colorwork slouchy look.

Commuter - - I want to like these fingerless gloves. I love the folded over look, but when buttoned for more coverage they look a little wonky to me. Not a fan of the wrist/arms being the same stitch count as the palm, meaning the arms look a little baggy.

Morse Code - - I am normally not a mitten fan, but I love the story and idea behind these! Even without the back story these mittens are nifty looking!

Dolly Dearest - - Not really a fan of a lot of this recreation stuff Franklin Habit has been doing, this included. The little booties are kind of cute, but don’t really care for the other knitted item.

Overall, pleasantly surprised with this Knitty as there are quite a few things I like for different reasons. I recommend giving this issue a glance if you haven’t already and let me know what you think!


  1. I like a lot of things in this issue. The inlay socks are my favorite; would love to see that pattern in a sweater..

  2. I'm just not ready to think fall. Nothing in there is jumping to the front of my queue, but there were several patterns added to my favorites.

  3. Thanks! I didn't know this was out! Going to have to go over and check it out.