Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wookie's World

Hey guys, well the bucket of photos seems to be working now, so lets get on with the show.

First, after I blogged last week, Mommy thought she had a wonderful idea to help me cool down. She had me take a shower with cooler water. I'm just not sure about this woman's intelligence level, because seriously how many different ways can I tell her that I do not enjoy being wet!?!? She insists that you see how crimpy my hair gets after I'm wet.

Look at what the water does to my beautiful hair!?!?!? It gets all crimpy and poofy!



She says that during Winter she will let me grow out my hair, but that in Spring when I get a haircut again, she is going to try to blend my hair with some wool and spin it. I'm telling you guys this woman is just a little off her rocker. I mean, I know I am super terrific, but stealing my hair? And why would you need to add sheep, aren't I great enough all on my own?

My hair wasn't even very long and look how much of it there was! It was crazy!

Any who, I also got a haircut this weekend. Mommy was sticker shocked on how much it costs to get a good shaver for a doggie with thick hair. It works really well, except the blade gets hot. She read up on it though and still thinks it was
the right shaver to buy because it cuts easily through my fur. We just need to buy a second blade so we can switch back and forth as the blade gets hot. Back to me though, don't I look rather spiffy with my hair all cut again?


Mommy did okay for her first time shaving me. I was very cooperative though, she said
she is very glad my Washington State Mommy taught me to be such a good helper when being
shaved. It's not as smooth as it could be all over, but it is fairly good. She said I
will get shaved more often now, probably every other weekend so I don't get too warm.

We are doing lots of work with our Clickr training and Mommy says I am responding well,
much better than the previous attempts. We are going to try to get Daddy to take a video
of us doing our training so we can post it next week. See you all next week!



  1. Wookie looks great with and without his coat! :o)

  2. Wookie, if that first photo expresses your true feelings on being wet, I hope Mommy will give up on the water and try something else to help cool you down!

    You sure are cute though, whether your hair is short, long, kinked up or not.


  3. Poor puppy! All that hair...

  4. That Wookie, he makes every do look good :) Good job mommy on the hair cut!

  5. All that crimp should be good for spinning, and he certainly has enough hair!

    I hope the shaving manages to keep him cool enough, so he doesn't end up needing another bath. =)