Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wookie's World

Yet another busy week folks. We’ve been working on behavior and crate training. Mommy says I have to learn that I am not Alpha. I say why? Oh well, Mommy says she already sees small differences in my behavior and that this is a good thing . . . I have her so fooled.

Saturday we went to the park again, only this time we went to the other half that is by the water. It’s not water to swim in . . . it’s kind of icky, but there are lots of paths to walk on. We’ve had so much rain here; I am told around 2 or 3 times what Buffalo normally gets in May. The ground was soggy and muddy; in some places even the paths were flooded. We walked all the way around and I had so much fun in the mud. I even rolled around in some of it, Mommy just laughed at me. I tried to chase some Canadian Geese. I even had a German Shepard try to make friends with me. He was walking with his Daddy and he didn’t even have to wear a leash! I mean the nerve! He just walked up to me like he does it every day or something and sniffed my face. He seemed like a nice chap and I mostly behaved, then he left.

Now I wasn’t going to tell you all about this, I mean, a guy has to have some dignity, but Mommy says it was hilarious. So, since I aim to please, maybe you all will find it funny too. On Saturday we also went to the pet store, before we went to the park. We got some new treats to try . . . I won't even touch them! Any who, Mommy saw a tiny Chihuahua around the corner, in another aisle, of course she immediately said hi to the little guy and he happily ran towards us. Mommy said he was only like a couple of pounds and she could probably fit him in one hand. I personally thought he was scary and had to run and hide behind Mommy! I mean seriously people, what is funny about that?

As you can tell by the lack of photos above, Mommy forgot to bring her camera. See, I still have some more training to do with her.

We came home and had to take a bath! I was unhappy and pouted on Mommy's lap until I fell asleep.


I also wanted to show you my room . . . this is where I like to sleep sometimes. Mommy put this nice cool blanket in there that she made when she was a teenager.


Well, that's all for now folks, I'll be back soon though to talk about my training and what we are learning. I say "we are learning" because this is definitely a learning experience for Mommy too!


  1. What a doll.

    Simple dominance exercise that works wonders with small dogs... put Wookie on his back, and make him stay there until he stops struggling. The Knight and Gretchen played that game every day of her young life, and we still have refresher sessions. We are very gentle about it; we simply roll her onto her back, usually between a human's closed legs, while speaking soothing words...

    --Chan, still battling Blogger!

  2. Well, what did you expect, when you roll in the mud? Of course you needed a bath! Looks like you've gotten over the indignity now. All good puppies take baths (and without pouting, too).