Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Scrubbie for the Dishes

No Sunday Inspirations today, just didn't find any. So we have an FO instead!

I loved my Crochet Scrubbie I made back in March of 2009. Let me tell you, I had no idea it would last me a little over 2 years! I was just hoping at the time that it would last me longer than the sponges I purchased at the store, which only lasted a few weeks at best!

I will admit I was disappointed when it started falling apart though, as it was a wonderful tool for washing the dishes. Once it got a little hole though, it didn’t take long for it to become mostly useless. So I knew I had to make another. This time though I wanted to use the remaining ball that I had in a different color and wanted one that was larger. So I took the same principle, I cast on 30 stitches and started crocheting, decreasing always at one end and increasing at the next. This is what I got.


Here you can see the diagonal seam.

This is all I had left over from the ball I had!

I have used it a couple times now and it is working wonderfully! This different colorway did bleed quite a bit on the first use, but now seems fine. I am still so glad I picked up this yarn so many years ago when it was being discontinued, I wish they still sold it!


  1. Is this yarn different from the usual? What is it called?
    Love the scrubbie..
    P.S By the way,the "crochet scrubbie" link doesn't work.

  2. Neat!! Sorry they don't make the yarn anymore.


  3. Sorry.. maybe you can find another type that works well or even better!

  4. I need to make some of those one of these days. That does look like interesting it a cotton with a nylon netting or something? Hope you can find something else like it!