Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grain Free Banana Bread

Paleo eating is interesting as I try to find a good number of recipes that will be "go to" recipes.

This one is close:

I also added a bit of chocolate, I used these chocolate chunks.  I chopped a small handful up and added it to the batter.  I don't think they taste much different from regular chocolate chips.


My two perfect loaves, one went for snacks this week at work and the other went into the freezer.

My black sheep loaf . . . still tasted good though.  :)

I will use this recipe again, although I might do an almond flour/coconut flour blend, because just the coconut flour was a bit chewy for me and I think the almond will help with that.  Deviations, I used regular coconut oil, not virgin, and used coconut milk, instead of almond.


  1. We eat that brand of chocolate chips. They aren't too bad.

  2. I love Enjoy Life! Safest chocolate I've found. =)