Monday, September 24, 2012


It is always nice to be appreciated and the things you hand-make for others to be loved.

Before we went out to Ohio a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law tentatively let me know that the frog I had made for Garren had lost its head a few weeks ago and Garren was so upset, was it possible fore me to fix it when I came out.

First off, her concern in letting me know that he really did love the toy and had not been trying to harm it was funny. I mean, he's a little boy, of course he's hard with his toys. Toys are meant to be played with.

So I brought out some of the same yarn I had knit it with originally to mend whatever may have happened.

Here is a link to the frog that I made, before being sent off to Garren. And here is the photo after surgery a few weeks ago:
I only had to attach his head back on, but doesn't he look well loved and played with! :) Makes you all warm and squishy inside.


  1. That warmed *MY* heart, so I can only imagine how it made you feel!!

  2. Aww. Beheading...the true sign of love from a little boy. =)

    Glad he appreciates it!