Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Well, if we are going to be perfectly honest with each other, which I do prefer to do, the blog will run this sporadically for an undetermined amount of time. My work is fluxing between small amounts of overtime, to also working Saturdays. Basically, normal life has gotten busier. :) So I may be very present some weeks and not there other weeks, I hope you still stay with me.

Any who, onto the inspirations.

Craft Inspirations:

All I have to say is, Lier's children have the best birthday parties! Take a look over at the Bows she mad for her daughter's archery inspired party!

Recipe Inspirations:

Okay, so this isn't Paleo, heck it isn't even gluten-free, but this Jalapeno Popper Dip looks yummy! But I am a fan of Jalapeno Poppers!

I will be trying this Eggplant Mushroom Curry this week as I think it sounds delicious and am still on the hunt for tasty homemade Indian food.

Now, you can tell me if I am crazy, but I think substituting in chicken for the roast in this Cranberry Dijon Roast recipe sounds good! I'll let you know how it turns out.

In Asian food, I am a huge fan of Sweet Chili Sauce and think that it can go pretty much with anything! I will be trying my own, without the cornstarch though.

Now these Fruit Newton Style Cookies are not paleo, but they are gluten-free. As a kid, I loved Fig Newtons . . . I continued to eat them, even after finding out there was a good chance I was eating bugs in them which you know is dedication. I would love to make these sometime. See this article if you do not know how figs are pollinated and such.

I am so making Banana Blueberry Bread today, in fact, right now my blueberries are defrosting.

I will leave you with a very un-paleo, full of gluten recipe just because it looks and sounds beyond delicious. Can you look at these Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Muffins and not want one?


  1. Eggplant and curry?! Yes please!!

    I hope it's a good kind of busy in your life right now.

  2. I'll be trying out the Banana Blueberry bread some day. I made a Raspberry Paleo cake yesterday, and it was delicious.

  3. Sigh. I know what you mean about the posting schedule. It comes and goes lately, that's for sure. It's always nice to see you when you do post, though!

    Those recipes look great. Dijon and cranberry sounds like the perfect thing to go with chicken to me. =)