Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TDF Fall Fiber

Spinning up the 75% BFL/25% Tussah Silk that I got from the Tour De Fleece winnings.

Here are some progress pics. I am loving doing the Plying-on-the-Fly method.
 photo 20140803_024158_zpsdf7zwu0e.jpg

 photo 20140803_030802_zps5goy3zzz.jpg

 photo 20140811_232251_zps5eih28wt.jpg

 photo 20140820_003113_zpsiupsobka.jpg

 photo 20140820_003058_zpsobkkdz5n.jpg

The fiber spins just lovely and I am enjoying the Fall colors. I'm trying to spin it all up before the end of August.


  1. Love the color! Best part about the ply on the fly seems to be that your ball is already wound and ready to cast on! (Provided that you're willing to skip setting the twist, of course.)

  2. Beautiful! Look at you being all productive over here and blogging! So glad to see it, makes me want to get going!