Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wheels of Time

So I finally finished this blanket started about 4 years ago. I tried to find old progress posts to refer back to, but I was podcasting at that time, so it's all in videos. Here is the tutorial I used though, Raw Edge Circle Quilt. I didn't do it quite as she did, because I wanted different color of circles on different squares. So after I cut out my circles, I cut them into four before I hand-stitched them onto the blocks. Also, I did not cut the corner off of the back fabric, I wanted the stability of both layers.

I had all the circle pieces hand-stitched onto the squares within before Eleanor was born almost 3.5 years ago. I set it aside to work on some other things and then just never pulled it back out again until a couple weeks ago. All that was needed was to sew the blocks together and put a back on it, which was done by machine. Took a few hours, but oh how I wish I would have finished it so long ago, I love how it turned out.

 photo 2014-07-25 18.02.58_zpspwr3ezpm.png

The back is a light fleece material in different colors.

 photo 20140725_175514_zpsbwkbaajh.jpg

The front pieces are all cotton.
 photo 20140725_175235_zpsabotbo80.jpg

 photo 20140725_175248_zpsanvupk4i.jpg

It was so hard to get a good full length picture. The weather has been rather rainy lately, so outside wasn't an option. If it gets dry, I'll try to get some better ones.

This will be going to Washington State with me in early September to finally be with Miss Eleanor.

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  1. Looks great! The one nice thing about abandoned projects is how quickly they can finish up, once you get around to them. =)