Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wookie Wednesday

Even if Mommy is lazy in her blogging, I make sure she posts about me . . .

I tried to chase some Canadian Geese, but those things are huge!
 photo 20140815_190107_zpsqlnr9suq.jpg
 photo 20140815_190229_zpsdti8anco.jpg

We went down by the lake and it was super windy.
 photo IMG_20140815_212545_zpsmbxotfi7.jpg
 photo 20140815_185445_zpsb0sqlh7q.jpg

You can tell, both me and Daddy were just so enthused to get our picture taken.
 photo 20140815_185349_zpshvn4qxt3.jpg

Don't forget to do your daily people watching, they are so interesting.
 photo 20140819_140026_zpsl7ouiglk.jpg

If you truly enjoy a smell, you have to furiously roll in it.
 photo 20140815_184427_zpskfdgwwzy.jpg

Warm clean laundry means snuggle in and take a nap.
 photo IMG_20140818_163034_zpsenfqhaev.jpg

Every good day ends with some nice exercise or more specific Pilates/Belly Dancing Fusion.
 photo IMG_20140814_011858_zpsu7f6tooi.jpg


  1. That looks like a good distance from which to chase Canadian geese. They can be mean!

  2. Yes, indeed. Can't get enough of Wookie! Sweet little fur ball.