Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Elsa inspired Princess Dresses!

Well, I forgot to get some detailed pictures of the dresses before I gave them to the girls. But I do have pictures of while in work and on the girls.

These are Elsa inspired dresses, from the Disney movie Frozen. Made for my nieces, Vera and Eleanor. Even though, they are different ages, they are similar in size and I wanted the dresses to fit them for more than five seconds, so they are a little big on them. They are both made in a size 6.  Although, now that I have made these, they have actual Disney patterns for these dresses!

Here was when I was hand-stitching the collars.
 photo IMG_20140828_145842_zpsptnepfht.jpg

Here is one of the tops almost finished, in the background you can see the second dress.
 photo 20140902_190533_zpsyqrzjhrx.jpg

Here are the girls together, Eleanor on the right asked for her dress to be hemmed higher so she wouldn't walk on it.
 photo IMG_55160097563447_zpstu6xuxhv.jpeg

Here they are posing right after they got them.
 photo IMG_20140906_083131_zps396dgiyc.jpg

I made a few princess dresses for my niece, Justice, when she was little . . . more than six years ago, and remembered that they were a lot of work, but had forgot quite how much work. They weren't quite as nice as I had hoped, but there will be more in the future! :_)

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  1. It looks like your nieces think that they are perfect, anyway! What a fun fabric...just right for a princess dress. =)