Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wookie Wednesday

What, don't you prefer to attack sharks on a yoga mat?
 photo 20140831_174957_zpstbobdaqc.jpg

I know you think I am cute!
 photo 20140901_200656_zpsb488csav.jpg

I always sleep in a pile of pillows and try to lay on at least one of the remotes . . . it give me a sense of power over my humans!
 photo Snapchat-20140912063039_zpsjpvkymjk.jpg

Now that Mommy is back home from her trip, I am sticking to her like glue . . . cannot trust her to just fly away to somewhere again!
 photo 20140912_180750_zpselsplugx.jpg

This is Mommy's headrest thing she bought for the plane ride . . . I have decided to to my anger of her leaving out on it! I will kill it!
 photo 20140915_142136_zpst1xdmrug.jpg
 photo 20140915_142147_zpsfl6ktgxy.jpg

This is my cousin Daisy, she lives in Washington State and is a Great Dane!
 photo 20140906_083840_zps4vspjg9x.jpg

Okay, time for another nap...
 photo IMG_20140913_230424_zpsjjvfotsh.jpg

See everyone next week!