Thursday, September 25, 2014

The house that Grandpa built...

When I was out in Washington State, my sister Rhoni and I went out to see what had happened to our grandparent's house. They passed away quite a few years ago now and their estate wasn't handled well and in legal battles and all that mumbo jumbo. Due to this reason no one has lived there for a while except squatters who ripped things out and stole some stuff. The inside of the house just isn't the same any more.

I should have take more pictures of it while I was out there as it seems that it is likely because of the above reasons, it is likely to be torn down when the land is sold. I completely forgot to take any pictures of the outside of the house or workshop.

Laine was my biological father's name and this is where at one point he carved his name into the wall.
 photo 20140909_143920_zpsrfmuqdcs.jpg

Layers of flooring from many years.
 photo 20140909_143945_zpsutxiqi3w.jpg

My sister, Rhoni, on the phone in Grandma and Grandpa's room.
 photo 20140909_144105_zpshp3t2oca.jpg

My Grandpa Gilbert built the house that he and my Grandma Eve lived in and carved their names and the date into the fireplace. (Gil-Eve-Dec-1961)
 photo 20140909_144328_zps8xrk6u2u.jpg

My Grandma's kitchen. Rhoni and I looked through the whole thing and it's still in such good condition.
 photo 20140909_144411_zpsshow2xze.jpg

 photo 20140909_144433_zpsgdmaqgem.jpg

 photo 20140909_144438_zpsjawjw7w0.jpg

Grandma's cellar where she kept all of her canning. It seemed so big and scary when we were kids, we would refuse to go down there!  Now it was awesome to see.
 photo 20140909_144736_zpsfiimh7eb.jpg

Grandpa also had a workshop.
 photo 20140909_145623_zpsjmtuceys.jpg

With some of the weirdest stuff tied up in the rafters, like this bike, there was also a raft, a sled, some skis and some other things we couldn't identify!
 photo 20140909_145153_zpsza3mje0l.jpg

They had 19.5 acres of land for their home.
 photo 20140909_144847_zps92sbdcip.jpg

 photo 20140909_155114_zpsymsks9mx.jpg

When we were there our Uncle Ron let us look through some of their old belongings. Like the ration books from my Grandpa and his family:
 photo 20140909_203816_zpsmnzvlgo1.jpg

And we got to take a few things, like a couple plates from Grandma's china plates she collected. The cross-stitch on is my favorite, she was wonderful at cross-stitch, her back and front looked the same.
 photo 20140911_195938_zpsu3cnfewo.jpg

I also got a carved wooden box that my biological father owned, but that will be a different post. It was nice and sad to go down memory lane while I was there.


  1. That's too bad! Hopefully the people who buy the land will find some way to salvage it. It's always sad when things get run down, but that kitchen looks great!