Monday, September 15, 2014

Water Fight!

So for the last few years, we have a war of sorts when I go home. Last year it was condiments and the year before it was mud... we decided a little calmer this year and stick with water. Water balloons and water guns!

My niece Vera getting ready to start the war!
 photo IMG_6598_zps0b5cf0df.jpg

When one fights, you must have a "war face"!
 photo IMG_6601_zps0b4c76f2.jpg

My littlest sister, Echo, getting attacked! At one point people(adults) started getting tossed into the pool!
 photo IMG_6646_zps6cf9c8e9.jpg

 photo IMG_6652_zps8ac02e87.jpg

After we started tossing people into the pool, the little kids, Eleanor, Liam, and Vera all went up on the deck to be spectators instead! Here is Eleanor and Liam watching from safety.
 photo IMG_6654_zps2c462db0.jpg

All of the lovely water fight pictures were either taken by my sister, Rhoni, or her husband as they went in and out of the fight.

It was lots of fun and the least messy fight yet! Who knows what next year will bring! :)

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  1. I think next year should be food again :) -R