Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wookie Wednesday

I know, not many pictures this week, Mommy went back to work last week and she's slacking a little. Don't worry, I'll let her know this is not acceptable!

I love to show off my jumping skills by jumping on any benches, steps, etc.
 photo 20140920_115202_zpshnfnjrqz.jpg

Then I need to lay down on the bench, when jumping is done correctly it can be exhausting of course!
 photo 20140920_115223_zpszky2qjsq.jpg

I love all the leaves falling, so many interesting smells and of course attacking leaves!
 photo 20140919_145507_zpsmudnrup5.jpg

Napping is always important, Mommy loves using some of the Instagram filters on pictures of me. I think I look good in any filter!
 photo IMG_20140919_013237_zpsovsaeafh.jpg

Sleepy puppy tongue!
 photo 20140919_013447_zps1myhmgsb.jpg

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