Monday, May 25, 2009

2nd Week Give Away

I was torn between giving away something to do with dyeing and something to do with spinning. I even dyed up some roving this morning to offer up for the give away . . . result= I think I like it too much to give away. I know, I know horrible. :)

So, I've decided to give the winner of this week something that they could use in multiple different crafts along the way. They can choose to dye it or not. They can choose to use it in felting, spin it, etc. And then they can choose to knit it, crochet it, whatever. So, here is this weeks give away:


I didn't keep the tag so I am not sure what kind of wool, but it is soft and not dyed. This contest is the same as the last, leave a comment on any post this week to get your name in the drawing. Contest closes at 11:59p.m on Saturday, Eastern Standard Time.

Edited to add: This will be the 2nd out of 4 weeks. As I kind of mentioned in the first contest post, I was considering doing more than one give away for different crafts. A little something for everyone type of thing. So there will be 2 more after this. Next week will probably be sewing(fabric or something), and still not sure what the last week will be.


  1. Are you going to do this every week?

  2. It looks so pretty! I love plain vanilla!

    (big geek beth)

  3. What sweet fiber!

    Also, thank you for your wishes on the passing of Delilah - I SO appreciate it.