Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 out of 4

So this begins our 3rd contest week out of the planned four. This weeks theme is sewing. So as I rifled through all my fabric I picked out some that I really like and hoped some of you might like too. Because lets face it, I just don't spend enough time with my fabric anymore.

This contest has the same rules as the previous two weeks. Just make sure you comment on a post between today and 11:59pm on Saturday. Next Sunday the sewing winner will be announced.


I will announce the winner of the fiber much later today when I get out of work.


Lastly, fate kicked me in the butt for trying to work on something when I had other things to finish. I had made it all the way down and past the heel and had just begun the foot of Echo's sock, when I thought it looked a little too big for her small feet. Yep, my gauge had changed from 9.5/1" from my gauge swatch to 8/1" in the sock! The yarn is so soft and nice, and a tad bit slippery that my gauge changed. Sometimes I am too focused when I make gauge swatches and I need to just calm the heck down. Any who, now it looks like this:

and will stay like that until at least Echo and Justice's birthday presents are done. I had even done some Leyburn patterning on the top, it was looking wonderful.

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