Monday, May 4, 2009

WIPs for the time being

Here are a couple of things I am working on right now. Vera's top, I mentioned it before, but my math was slightly off and I had to start again. Not too much further on the length and then I'll start on the sleeves. I made it a little large, figuring it would take me my usual FOREVER to finish it and I have actually worked quite a bit on it. Go figure, she'll have to wait a while to get some use out of it. I love the self-patterning yarn.



Here is my progress on my knee high socks. Haven't been working too much on them recently because I need to have some time to do some measurements and figure out just how often and how much I need to increase to move up the calves.

My shift is going to have to change here after school is done, I need to work on Echo and Justice's birthdays are coming up in June. Also need to really start on my dad's blanket that I was going to weave. Never quite enough time to work on everything I want. I have already started Echo's present and know what I want to do for Justices, just need to get some time to work on them. My hand made gifts are almost always late . . . it's the thought that counts, right? :)


  1. Vera's top is so cute, can't wait to see her in it, will definitely take pics

  2. The top is very cute - I love the yarn!

    The socks are awesome - what great colors! What yarn is that?