Saturday, November 28, 2009

Couples Theory

The theory of craft couples is working out quite well. I am working through things much quicker than I had hoped. Few moments here and there have really added up, plus Echo, Mark, and Justice's socks could/can be worked on as I walk to school, work, etc. Which is nice, not only because I am finishing them quicker, but I like the stress relief of knitting while walking so it makes me feel better in general.

So the next couple is Mark, Echo's husband, and Justice, my niece's, socks.

Here is Justice's first sock. I love the way the way it looks, so bright and cheery. It's kind of at a stand still, because I need to un-spin, separate, and re-spin more yarn. It's not orange, so I hope she still likes them. I really love the way the yarn feels though.

Here is Mark's first sock. His feet are 10.5, so there isn't any patterning done.

I love the yarn for these though and like the way the colors are working out though. Aren't these little stitch markers adorable? They are really bird toys! I forgot to blog about them when I got them. I can't remember where I heard about them, but they are super cheap and love the bright colors!

I thought it looked a little big, so I tried it on, but it seems to be working out well. I think I'll make myself a pair of socks with this kind of yarn.

Overall, loving this whole 'couple thing' and think this will be an ongoing thing. I am liking both of these socks.


  1. What an inspiration to see all of these wonderful socks. I love the toe decreases!

    As for those stitch markers - a stroke of genius! I would love to use them and wouldn't fret after the ones that get lost inside our bottomless couch.

  2. Size 10.5 feet! I feel your pain. Hubby has 9.5.......but at least he loves the socks when I do finish them!