Thursday, November 26, 2009

Echo's Christmas Socks

These socks, as I have mentioned before, have given me an interesting trip. Eventually I just had to let it be what it was going to be, I couldn't make it work how I wanted to. In the end, I do like how they look, even though it wasn't what I had hoped.

Yarn: Panda Silk
Care: machine wash cold, lay flat
Content: 52% bamboo, 43% superwash wool, 5% combed silk
Color: 4006 (variegated plum/pink)
Needles: US 0 / 2mm metal dpns
Gauge: 10 sts per inch
Size: 8

Here are both socks together.
You can see how the one on the right spiraled around the sock and the one on the left just did whatever made it happy.

Here is a close up. I forgot to take a picture of the back of the heel, but I used the German Heel from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks. This is a heel I haven't tried yet, I hope it works well. Hopefully she'll let me know how it fits.

A close-up of the Leyburn-ish pattern. I took the theory of the stitch pattern and adjusted it to my needs for the sock. The German heel takes up a lot of stitches, so my stitch count for the top of the sock was quite low.

The toe is my version of a round toe, also from Vintage Socks. I chose to divide it by 8 and change the decrease rounds to fit how long I needed the toe to be. I really like how it looks. Hope she will let me know how the toe fits, also.

Overall, I enjoyed the new things I learned from knitting this sock. The heel, toe, and stitch pattern were new to me. I had my frustrations with the yarn, but part of that was my stubbornness in not getting what I expected. Also, it was due to the content of the yarn. The yarn was just too slick. I had a difficult time getting consistent gauge because of this. Love how the yarn feels, but I would most likely never knit with it again due to the gauge issues.

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

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  1. I wasn't crazy about Panda Silk for a shawl, so I can't imagine that I'd like the slickery stuff for socks either. I won't be buying more...

    Pretty socks though!