Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pieces fall. . . not always into place

I have finished the first one of Echo's Leyburn-ish socks. I say Leyburn-ish socks because it is based of the stitch pattern used in the pattern, but altered. My stitch repeat within the patterned area is different and the rest of the sock has nothing to do with the construction of the Leyburn pattern.

You can see here, a close-up of the patterning. Because there were so many light purples, no medium purples, and only one dark purple, the pattern does not show up as well as one would hope.

I have begun the cuff of the second sock. Now, even though it is the same skein(although further in), the same gauge, and the same pattern . . .it is pooling to say the least. But I have accepted this, although it is too bad.

Rhoni's second sock, being knit for the second time. I have done the gusset decreases and am now moving onto working the foot. It won't be long now.

And now some drawings from Drawing Class:

I really enjoyed drawing this pose. 1.5 day pose. I so very much wish I had had a little more time to make a larger contrast in the shades, but it is close enough.

Here is another pose, different man, where we had 2 days. It was too much time with this pose, I got bored and began outlining the figure in dark jagged marks. It kind of looks like he is in hay, oh well. My favorite part is his hair, it turned out wonderfully.


  1. I love the purple socks - what a great stitch pattern!

    Beautiful drawings...

  2. How pretty. I love the purple. I envy your drawing, how fun! I don't have that talent!

  3. Those purple socks are awesome, your drawings always amaze me =)

  4. I like the socks! I was thinking #2 (drawing) was on a bear-skin rug...

  5. I didn't look closely enough at Echo's socks last time...that's the same stitch pattern that I'm using in my Kauni sweater. No wonder I liked them. =)
    It is too bad the colors aren't behaving the way you'd like. Maybe it's just getting all the pooling out of the way in the cuff? (Hope, hope)