Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Twist Collective

The new Twist Collective is out for Winter 2009.

~Tanit's Jacket - - I like the body part of the jacket, but not the sleeves. The love the off center closure. The sleeves seem too baggy compared to the body. Also, the sleeves end almost exactly where the body ends, which doesn't seem flattering and draws unnecessary attention to that area. Overall, not something I would pay $7 dollars for. Gudrun Johnston.

~Skara Brae - - It seems like a nice "gansey-inspired" top. I like the detail of the stitching. I know I usually enjoy things simpler, but these different stitches seem to go together quite well. Overall, I might pay $7 dollars for this pattern. Even if there is not the shaping I would prefer, it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to alter it for some shaping.

~Mitaines & Moufles - - I do like the thought of a mitten pattern that includes an inner liner for added warmth. I am not a mitten person though. I do thing the thought of having the mitten lining as gloves a nice possibility. Unfortunately, not a pattern I would pay $6 for. Veronik Avery.

~Four Winds - - It has a nice color pattern, but I don't like the square look to the top of it. I don't like the way it makes her head look at all. Not a pattern I would pay for. Alasdair Post-Quinn.

~Dryad - - I love the ends of this stole. The shape is very nice. I probably wouldn't have given this a second thought before I did some cobweb lace, however, it's very appealing to me. What holds me back? $7, just not sure it's a pattern that I'd pay $7 for. Sivia Harding.

~Lesley - - The gauge in this just seems too large to be flattering. I could see this possibly in a MUCH finer gauge and be flattering. Not a fan. Would not pay for this pattern. Fiona Ellis.

~Polar Chullo - - I love the color work and charted parts of this hat. I don't care for the fact that the hat extends past the head and has empty space up there. If the pattern was snug and didn't have that space up top, I would definitely pay $6 for the pattern. As is, it would be too much of a pain to adjust it and still pay that much. Mary Ann Stephens.

~Kirigami - - Part of me really wants to like this top, but I don't. Stripes can so easily be unflattering, usually because they accentuate the negatives. Here, it seems to camouflage the woman's chest and makes her not really have one. The vertical stripes across the shoulders make her shoulders look wider. Overall, it just doesn't seem very flattering and I wouldn't pay for the pattern. Kate Gilbert.

~Plaited - - This looks like a design that might have been better suited to a solid color of yarn. I am not sure whether I would like this design or not. As of this moment, it would be a no. Angela Hahn.

~Mystere - - Back to simplicity. I enjoy the look of this. I do not like what it is photographed with, as the red draws attention away from it. I like this look, but I would probably not pay $7 for it. Cecily Glowick MacDonald.

~Orvokki - - Again, don't like the puffy area at the top of the hat. The hat construction in general is unique and I like it. Not really a mitten person, but the design on these are nice. Wouldn't buy, but that is mostly due to the hat fit. I could see taking the mitten motif and moving it down over the back of the hand and adding fingers for gloves and really loving them. Mari Muinonen.

~Bright Star - - I think this is a cute top, especially for fall or spring. It only goes up to a size 46, which is too bad. Only real change I'd make, is I would adjust where the ribbing starts and make sure it was UNDER the chest. This could look very nice also as a longer top. If sizing was already done up to my size, I could see paying $7 for it, but since I'd have to do my own calculations to make it fit . . . it'd be easier just to figure out the whole top myself than pay for it. Cathy Carron.

Karazuri - - Not much of a fancy bag person, but I really like this one. Not the handles, but the technique of how she did the fabric. Even though I would alter it slightly, I could see myself paying $6 for this pattern. Leila Wice.

~Rover - - My first concern with any pattern, is when part of the piece seems deliberately not shown. Which seems to be the case with Rover's back legs, butt, and tail area. Increasing seems either poorly done or not done at a small enough gauge as stuffing is EASILY seen through them. I do love the buttons at the leg joints, which is reminiscent of older toys. As consistency goes, it would have been nice to see that used also on the front legs, as it is the front legs seem like a poor afterthought the way they are connected. Overall, would not pay for this pattern. Jennie Eveleigh Lamond.

~Moxie - - I love the color-work designs on them. But just not a fan of mittens or the boxy looking hats. Wouldn't pay for. Kristi Schueler.

~Cambridge Cables - - I love the simplicity of this look. The raglan shaping is one of my favorites. I like the open collar. I also like the cable waist and hem detail. Very nice and simple. I would definitely consider purchasing this $7 pattern. Becky Herrick.

~Frost Tapestry - - I like the color-work in these items. The set matches well and I like the look of it. I could definitely see making these for someone. I also like the fit of these items. Again, not a mitten person, but I could see purchasing this $6 pattern. Robin Melanson. I also understand her secret.

~Ormolu - - I like some aspects of the color-work, but I think it is too overdone. I think just the collar or maybe the collar and down the center could look really nice. It would give it a peasant top look. As is, it just seems too all over. I would not pay $7 for this pattern, maybe if it was less, because I would alter it quite a bit. Barbara Gregory.

~Farinelli - - I am a fan of Ysolda's patterns. This is a nice and whimsical knit. Not necessarily a staple item, but a nice fanciful piece of knitwear. I could see paying $6 for this pattern. Partially just because I know it would be fun to knit, even if I never wore them. Ysolda Teague.

~Sarabande - - Honestly, I like the theory of this top. However, I would probably raise the band to not go right across the chest like that. It would look better right above the chest. I would either make the opening at the top not quite so long or would just keep it open. The buttons add so much bulk. Maybe if they were knitted toggles, instead. Not sure. There doesn't seem to any or much shaping. Overall, I probably would not pay $7 for this pattern, but I think it does have potential. Kristen Tendyke.

~Manderley - - I do love the design of this shawl. The use of thick and thinner areas is quite aesthetically pleasing. The part I like best though is this first picture of it in the magazine format. It almost looks like a top and I find that idea very intriguing. I would consider purchasing this $6 pattern, if only to take it a part, essentially, and see if it was workable as a lace top. Rosemary Hill.

~Kelmscott - - I like the lace pattern used in this pattern. However, I think this pattern could easily make someone look much older than they probably are. It might not do this another color, but not sure. Would probably not purchase this $7 pattern, predominantly because of that reason. Carol Sunday.

~An Introduction to Double-Knitting: The Four Winds Hat - - - Alasdair Post-Quinn gives a nice explanation one double knitting, including some videos. The videos are a little slow moving, but they are good otherwise. Alasdair Post-Quinn.

As always, these are just my opinions and I would love to hear your opinions on these designs. Go over and have a look! :)


  1. I really enjoy reading your reviews. I haven't checked it out yet, but I'm working my way to it!

  2. wheww, thanks for the detailed review. I'm still reading.
    Good job, I agree so far

  3. Twist caught my eye yesterday. Although I think many of the designs are attractive, wearability or wear-a-likely along with the pattern prices would probably prevent me from actually making most.
    Frost Tapestry would be a possibility and I love Orvokki but for my 19 year old daughter. That poofy fit at the crown seems to be in and the buttons are cute.
    Love all of the lace, but have so much lace to knit already that it likely would go to the back of the pile...which means I should be knitting ; )
    Thanks for the fabulous review!