Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moving Along

The first craft couple is moving along nicely. I do have a third project I am working on, but that is almost finished and I will show it tomorrow probably.

Echo's first sock. I will fully admit that this yarn was the one I was the most excited to use and has frustrated me the most. I have started and ripped out this sock countless times. I had in my mind this beautiful way it would knit up, but I couldn't achieve that and have the correct stitch count. So eventually I just had to let it be what it was determined to be. I'll probably rarely use this kind of yarn again due to it's slipperiness.

Rhoni's second sock being knit for the second time. I am not minding this so much, but the lace pattern is getting a tad old now that I've done it so many times.

*** Disclaimer *** = I am farther along than this in both of these socks, but haven't had a chance to take any good pictures. Will try tomorrow.

Also, the boy has a new hobby! He had the interest in it already, but I won't deny that I encouraged him to go for it if it was really something he wanted to learn. He's been practicing every day for the last four days. It's nice to see him interested in something other than the computer.


  1. Good to see he's got a new interest, can't wait to see the finished socks =)

  2. Glad the socks are moving along. I love the colors in Echo's...hope it turns out well despite the frustration!

    And I know how nice it is to see boys with non-computer interests. Keep enabling! =)