Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knitty Spring 2010 - a real review

Okay, so a person I consider to be a lovely blogger friend convinced me that I should do my Knitty review, whether she meant to or not. So I will, because honestly, it's me and it's what I do. It helps me mentally figure out what I like about designs and what I don't.

Emmaline - - I like the general look of this, but the gauge is so large that it makes it look frumpy to me. The peasant top look is typically on of fine, flowing fabrics. The large gauge takes away from this traditional look and unfortunately doesn't add anything positive. I truly think this would be a wonderful knit in a smaller gauge because otherwise the simplicity and design of this garment look lovely together.

La gitana - - The first thing that caught my eyes was the large arm holes. It makes the garment look too big for the model. The description says it can be worn without a shirt underneath, but really only if you want to be showing a lot of side boob. It reminds me of the Sidelines top, but not as well done. The cables going directly down the middle of the boob is not flattering. On the other side, the back looks wonderful and the hood looks nice.

Que sera - - I don't dislike this one, but the all over lace is a little distracting for me. There is just too much texture. It fits the model well and looks like it could be a lovely sweater. I would recommend wearing it with clothing that is simple as to not overwhelm the outfit.

Petrie - - Okay, first thing that jumped out at me was how the lines on the front of the top lead directly down to the center of the boobs. This does not seem like a positive thing to me unless that is where you want people's eyes to be led. Otherwise, I love the back and the boat neck. I just can't get over those darts.

Inamorata - - This is a nice knit. I would probably get rid of all the buttons, just because they do not seem necessary and the shoulder strap buttons especially seem to be inconvenient. The stitch patterns go well together and I like the thick straps.

Tappan Zee - - With this it just seems that this style of top is being so over done lately. It's nice and all, but I'd like to see something a little more unique. I don't like how the sleeves bell-out so much though.

Torreyana - - This is quite a lovely shawl. I'm not a shawl knitter at this time though.

Summit - - Interesting construction, but not something I would probably take the time to knit. Again, not a shawl/scarf knitter at this time.

Anthemion - - Again, nice pattern, just not a shawl/scarf knitter at this time.

Gams - - I don't find these flattering on either one of the models. They look disturbing. Definitely a "wtf?" item for me.

Know it all - - This is definitely an interesting bag and I like how the computer aspects tie into it. Not a bag knitter though.

Wanderer - - Very interesting pattern and I am sure would be well worth the knit. I think what kind of turns me off is all the blaring color, but that is easily changed by the knitter.

Tribute - - Honestly, at first glance, I loved these. The pattern looks so delicate and from a time that doesn't exist anymore, and honestly think as knee highs or higher would look great. Although the more I look at them, the more I doubt all that texture is comfortable in a shoe. In the end I am a practical person. I don't know, maybe an even smaller needle and thinner yarn? I am not sure.

Twisted - - Everything about these socks says I should like them. I can't place my finger on what seems to be bothering me about these socks. They look nice, the design looks interesting.

3 Lace Edgings - - I love these, especially the third one. Lace is definitely growing on me.

Buttonhead - - Usually not a slouchy hat person, but I do love the look of these. So much potential from one little pattern.

Duck - - I do understand the designer's point about not needing socks the baby has to walk on. However, I am of the firm belief that just because a child is too young to object to what you cloth them in, doesn't mean you should take free range. I just don't think it's something I would ever make for a small child, unless it was part of a costume.

Overall, as I said before, this issue overall doesn't grab me and yell at me, "knit me!".

* * * * * * * * * *

Now for a moment of honesty. I probably just shouldn't have blogged on Thursday. I lost/quit my job on Thursday. A person I do not get along with at work decided to tell some lies about me to a manager, since her and the manager are friends, she was believed and not me. My manager told me if I had come to her first, instead of the other girl going to her, then I would have more ground to stand on. Since there wasn't actually anything going on, why would I have gone to her? Any who, I considered myself a good employee and to be treated like that wasn't acceptable, so I no longer have a job. I have not been in a good mood since and have been having a hard time shaking the negative feelings about the whole situation. However, someone helped me see that I need to be me and put that situation behind me as best I can.


  1. First thank you for doing the Knitty review, I really enjoy them. Second I am so very sorry that happened to you, but I am very proud of you for standing up for yourself, things will work out and seriously, you keep being you, because you are an awesome person, always know that !!!

  2. politics are awful. And it's just not worth working in a job where you have that kind of thing to deal with. Hopefully something much, much better will come your way soon!

  3. It's pretty funny the way we seem to agree on most of the patterns. I will say, though, that I think the Sidelines top you referenced is a GREAT top. The princess lines are very well done and it's VERY flattering and one of my favorite knits. And Duck, well I LOVE it. Otherwise I'm right there with ya.

  4. Well, thank you for the review. As always, your clear eye helps me make sense of some of the things I was drawn to.

    What a rotten mess! I'm sorry you were put in that situation at work, and I hope your next position is somewhere where you will be valued for the awesome employee and person I'm sure you are.